What is a GEO Website Network?

A GEO Website Network is...

...the ability for a company to carve out a niche and become relevant for their product/service at a local level. This is achieved through hundreds and sometimes thousands of GEO-targeted websites to speak to a particular keyword set and it's derivatives.

There is a lot of low-hanging fruit out there in terms of keywords that you can rank and get traffic from. The purpose of these websites is to not only carve out that niche but to carve it out hundreds of times over. Building and maintaining this amount of websites in a simplistic, dynamic-fashion quite frankly isn't possible without the lenderd enterprise platform.

Not a Set and Forget Model

These websites, much like any other for that matter, need consistent attention over an extended period of time to be successful. Gone are the days of link spamming SEO techniques so we have to be smarter.

Content, Content & More Content

Content comes in a lot of forms, all of which can be adapted to this platform and be localized/personalized for each website. Whether it's a video, blog post or new page on the website, making sure a consistent content strategy is in place is pivotal to the success of these networks on top of the fact of making sure it's written and linked properly to maximize the SEO benefit.


Certainly an obvious concern for anyone that's been keeping up with the SEO/SEM industry but you can trust that we've been building these networks now for close to a decade and can tell you that we understand what is and is not duplicate content when it comes to search engines.

Uniquely Crafted Content

Writing proper content for these networks and having it flow to one another is an art form. Through years and years of experience we have a pretty good idea as to what should link to what, when it's too much and how often and what variables should be included in a given page. On top of that, prominent geographic areas need more attention than others so accommodations are built in for that as well.

You Can't Rank for Everything

These networks should be built with a singular, clear niche in mind. Casting too wide of a net when it comes to keywords equates to being a "Jack of all trades and master of none."

Quoting the famous philosopher Ricky Bobby, if you're not first you're last. Making sure your network is consistently visible on the first page of search results is all that matters and we make sure everything built into your network is there to service that cause otherwise it serves no purpose. Narrow focus, narrow niche.

Unique Characteristics Are a Good Thing

The more unique each of these sites can be the better. We leverage technology and our suite of enterprise tools to make this a reality by bringing in a dynamic list of loan officers in a given area (similar to branch websites) furthering not only the networks relevance but also the individual loan officers.

Other personalization options include things like custom banner images/videos, unique CRM routing based on location and unique call tracking based on location to name a few. You can take it a step further by personalizing the entire website which we'll expand on as well as a couple of other instances in the Sample Use Cases tab below.

Loan Specific Network

Want increased exposure for VA loans? FHA Loans? Hard Money Loans? Reverse Mortgages? Not a problem. We start with the niche, then comes the keyword research, developing a content strategy, determining target areas and then we build. Ready to get rollin? Contact Us

Local Expert Network

This type of network is a derivative of the above with personalization and social automation coming to the forefront so each website is personalized to an individuals brand and doesn't necessarily have to be company specific allowing maximum flexibility both in design and content.

Organic Growth Takes Time

Any search terms worth ranking for take time, especially in dealing with a brand new site. Time to get the whole site indexed, get some age under its belt and post content consistently to show authority and relevance in a search engine's eyes.

If you're looking to launch a network and start getting leads in month one, this isn't the product for you. GEO website networks require continuous efforts over an extended period of time (minimum 1 year) to truly start seeing the benefits of that effort.

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