Very simply, there are no direct alternatives to what we do, especially from an enterprise standpoint. Sure you can do anything we do one-off but not have it all fit together as a complete out-of-the-box solution complete with the automation, scalability and quality.
No. Every single enterprise client we work with is getting a one-off, coded from scratch design built to spec for their company. No 2 networks will ever be the same leaving you with piece of mind that what you're getting is truly unique to your company which is as important to us as we would imagine it is you.
1-3 months is the current average and that timeframe is greatly dependent upon the number of loan officers that are being setup as well as the response times for approval of design, content, etc.
There's nothing we've encountered technologically that can't be incorporated or built into the sites so the answer is extremely flexible as a whole as well as at the individual loan officer level.
Every account has a dedicated support rep that is available both via phone and email although we encourage as much communication as possible go through the support ticket system so it's tracked and timestamped but aren't going to leave you hanging if something is needed at a moments notice.
We certainly can. Whether that means a basic thematic change or a complete corporate redesign, we can help in all areas with as little or as much work is requested so we can bring automation to as many processes possible and it generally starts with the real-time loan officer auto-complete search by name, location, address, etc. and directing users right off to the loan officer's complete websites which is great for LO's, their customers and potential customers searching in their area.
Because we build in so many variations across the board whether it be different geos throughout the site or the images, alt tags, title tags, descriptions, etc. as well as giving each LO/website its own Google+ page so that the sites not only rank in their local areas but rank extremely well and drive real traffic as well as making the LO's look good.
Because we have a super secret formula that seems to work on every client, we do things, do them well and complete them on-time, it's really quite extraordinary.
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