What is it?

What is it?

A central data-set that streamlines website management, personalizes LO branding, provides top-down control & analytics, real-time search and enterprise integrations.

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Why you need it

Why You Need It

To make your LOs happy, increase your digital & social presence substantially, close more loans, reduce re$ources, let compliance rest easy and recruit top talent.

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Mortgage Website Platform What is it?

All-In-One Data Management

Manage your corporate, branch and loan officer websites from one centralized data-set. The data is represented in a spreadsheet style platform built on an open API with infinite customization and integration capabilities.

Update One, Update All

This allows you(the company) to manage this data with ease for all sites/loan officers and make sure that any piece of data that is updated in this platform will propogate out to the corporate website, any branch website where the loan officer is located along with updating their own personal site ensuring all data stays up-to-date and compliant at all times from one place.

No More Logging Into Multiple Platforms

Traditional mortgage website setups consist of a corporate website with a directory of branch and loan officer profiles. This is done because having independent websites for each location and each loan officer would be a management nightmare when done one-off. That's where our platform comes in.

Best of Both Worlds

Through our platform you not only have the ability to give each branch and/or loan officer their own robust, customizable website but you will also have the ability to grant one-off access to individuals to post custom content, edit pages, etc. all while maintaining top-down control from our mortgage website platform to ensure all information is up-to-date and that the user is only modifying what is deemed editable by you alleviating the need for compliance audits.

No More One-Off Work

We strongly believe that if you're going to build something for one person, you should build it for them all. Our platform enables just that so that whether you're building a landing page or integrating a lead form via a 3rd party CRM, we have the ability to customize this setup ONCE, and then make it readily available for all users via a simple text input field.

Significant Power in Simplicity

Not only do things like this save a tremondous amount of time($) but they also allow your platform to be infinitely dynamic over time to include new integrations as well as making sure any legacy integrations are removed or updated as a whole so all users stay up-to-date with the latest tools and technology.

Your Website x100 or x1000

Through our platform we're able to provide complete, one-off website solutions that target specific geographic areas, zip codes or cities and make sure all of the content in that site is particular to that geo. What this allows us to do is take a set of content and integrate what we call shortcodes to make that content relevant for each site's geo along with integrating the site's personal phone numbers, email/lead capture forms as well as internal links.

Significant Traffic Boost

Without going too nerd on you, we also use these same techniques on blog posts which allows everyone to receive content that appears as if they wrote it themselves, containing personal call-to-actions, internal links to other pages on their site along with bringing in their targeted geos when possible. This amount of content, both on the site and blogs is very significant and leads, 100% of the time, to significant traffic increases, impressions and overall brand visibility.

Taking Social Media to Another Level

Since we connect each and every website to the LO's desired social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn), the website then acts as a social publishing platform so that each and every time content is posted in the blog, it is sent out to that LO's social profiles, linking directly back to their website.

How We Leverage That

Ask anyone in the social media game and they'll tell you there's 1 major thing you must have to be effective, consistency. For all of our customers we make sure that original, customized content is sent through every website once per week so that we not only keep websites relevant and build out their internal link structure, but also so that each and every LO has a weekly reminder for everyone on their social platforms that they exist and provide home loans. Staying top-of-mind is the goal here and being able to leverage all of these social audiences without requiring the LO to lift a finger is huge.

The Current Standard

If you're in the marketing dept then you know about the tedious and often times redundant onboarding/offboarding tasks required everytime a loan officer joins/leaves your company as well as anytime you have to update a phone number, NMLS, etc. and the multiple places you have to update these items.

It's Done for You Already

Our enterprise platform powers your corporate website search in real-time as information is updated in your central data-set. So not only are you updating the loan officer's information on their website but you're also providing updates to the corporate search, branch search and anywhere else the loan officer's info appears across your network. Update one, update them all.

All the Data at Your Fingertips

Data drives everything we do and with our enterprise platform you'll get an overview of all data across all websites and all devices. It breaks down to individual branch, loan officer and corporate website levels and measures important metrics such as website visits, users, bounce rates, click event activity, social traffic along with geo origins of the search.

A Reporting Dashboard You Can Understand

We simplify the presentation of this data so you can measure all of these metrics in real-time as well as easily identify monthly gains across all data. In addition to all of data mentioned above, we also provide actual impressions and overall visibility of your website in Google included popular search phrases.

Yes We Integrate with That

Implementing a new integration for loan officers across the board can be a daunting task. The way we build websites on our enterprise platform allows us to rapidly deploy such integrations in hours not weeks or months. Whether it be a CRM, new LOS or custom reviews engine, trust in the fact you'll be able to integrate it into your websites across the board, and quickly.

Smart, Dynamic Integrations

Another constant we encounter and accommodate is the ability to provide one-off integrations for users who decide to opt-in to them. These integrations have included things like real-time youtube feed integration, custom one-off CRM integrations, individual tracking and conversion code among many, many others. All of these instances are implented across the board so users can be easily opted in by a simply text function and those that do not are not effected at all.

Simple 1003, Home Value Automation, Calculators & More

All of our websites come with our entire enterprise toolset as you'll see in our features section.

These mortgage tools are built with the sole purpose of getting you more business. We have our Simple 1003 Mortgage Application which strips out the clunky traditional mortgage app experience and replaces it with a streamlined, questionnaire type experience that equates to more completed applications with no login required. From there we have our home value automation technology to generate leads, calculators to enage customers and generate leads, 1-click reviews to gather and share reviews with 1 click and our social automation to keep you top-of-mind with your social audience every week.

What Brings it All Together

Managing an infrastructure like this requires expertise unique to our platform and making sure you, your team and loan officers are taken care of quickly & professionally is our top priority.

No Contracts Ever

Long-term contracts seem odd to us. We prefer to prove our value by providing unmatched turn times, quality of work and never requiring a client, no matter how big or small, to sign a long-term contract or monthly retainer. We earn your business every month, charge only for completed tasks with transparent reporting and if you're not satisfied with the service we offer, you're welcome to cancel at any time.

Mortgage Website Platform Why You Need It

Loan Officers Love It

Loan Officers Love It

Who doesn't like to look good? Providing loan officers with a modern, professional looking website loaded up with tools, social automation, customization options and the ability to brand themselves is a huge differentiator in the mortgage industry.

Mortgage companies always like to say they're "investing in technology" which means providing loan officers with the latest and greatest LOS and/or CRM system out there but always forget about the branding and marketing aspect on the web. If you think providing a CRM that lets loan officers create flyers and send newsletters to agents/customers and providing them with an online application is gonna set you apart, you're wrong.

Loan Officers Love It

Search Engine Presence

Even in 2019 it's astonishing to see mortgage companies of all sizes not care, understand or both about what it means to have a serious digital presence.

The lenderd platform will take your company, from a search engine visibility perspective, to a level quite simply not possible otherwise. Every single website, title tag, image tag, etc. is optimized for search. This results in significant expansion in geographic relevance, search engine rankings and overall traffic and yes we have the data to prove it.

Close More Loans

Close More Loans

We are very aware of the end-all goal as it pertains to investing in technology, branding, marketing, etc. for your mortgage company, closing more loans.

Not only is this achieved but it's also understandable from an analytical perspective so you can see who's visiting your network, where they're coming from, what they're clicking on and continue to refine, test and repeat until maximum conversion is achieved consistently and then it's a simple matter of scaling, both in loan officers and marketing budget.

Loan Officers Love It

Resource($) Reduction

As technology and automation become more and more prevalent, the need for data entry and other mundane, repeatable tasks is going to become more and more obsolete.

We view this as a good thing in the sense of now having your internal marketing resources actual work on marketing, strategy and the like rather than spending hours updating information, flyers, etc. The will increase their efficiency, your ROI and your loan officer's ability to market themselves with new programs, faster product launches, etc.

Compliance teams loves lenderd

Compliance Dream

The life of a compliance officer having to manage, audit and understand everything a loan officer is doing on the web can be quite challenging and even overwhelming.

Through our platform we can give compliance officers a transparent look as to not only what the loan officer looks like on the web regarding their information, but also what new marketing they may be doing that requires approval. They can rest easy knowing that every loan officer's website will be controlled from the top-down to ensure all the latest compliance information, license numbers, etc. are up-to-date and not able to be altered without prior approval.

Loan Officers Love It


This may well be the biggest value-add when it comes to our mortgage website platform. Loan officers hear pitches all day about culture, loan programs and growth potential with your company because of x, y and z.

Imagine sitting in a recruiting meeting with a loan officer, showing them a completed website with your brand, bringing in their personal Youtube videos on the homepage and even a couple of their customer reviews. It takes caring and personalization to a whole nother level and as far as they're concerned you went through a lot of effort to impress them which means more than you know and the kicker is all of that took about 15 minutes to setup. Wanna stand out, this is only the tip of the iceberg.

Loan Officers Love It

Dynamic Platform

Products change, 3rd party vendors change and even styles change. Through the lenderd enterprise website platform you can rest easy knowing that no matter the implementation, new tool, update, etc. that we are extremely agile and can implement company-wide changes extremely quickly because the platform is built for it.

At the core of everything we build inside your network, the mentality is "if we're building for one, we're building for all". This enables an ever-changing platform all while maintaining the ease-of-use through the platform to trigger extremely dynamic instances across websites with a simple click of the button.

Loan Officers Love It

As-You-Need-It Support

We're the new extension to your marketing department without the overhead cost. We're your retained marketing and graphic design agency without the retainer fee.

There's no need to bring marketing and/or graphic design in-house unless you have 200+ hours worth of tasks each month which 95% of mortgage companies do not. Take advantage of having an agile team that will turn work faster and provide a higher quality of work on an as-needed basis, it just makes sense. Too often companies feel they have a need and hire full-time help to fill it when it's only part-time at best. Retain our team on an as-needed basis and say goodbye to the high-overhead costs.

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